ochs und junior watches are designed by Ludwig Oechslin. This page describes 8 ways in which ochs und junior watches are unique.

  1. Rigorously simple mechanics.

ochs und junior watches achieve new levels of simplicity through an intense design process. For example, Oechslin’s annual calendar is executed in just 6 parts including the functional dial, while Patek Philippe uses 154 parts for this function.

  1. Functional expression of time horizons.

ochs und junior watches are designed to show time horizons in the most functional and technically elegant manner possible. Oechslin’s annual calendar features analog indications of the date, month and weekday which are as easy to read as the time and don’t distract from what is essential (interactive examples).

  1. No logo.

ochs und junior watches have no logo on the dial or the case back. Oechslin’s focus on functionality leads to distinctive designs which do not require a logo for identification.

  1. No descriptive text on the watch.

ochs und junior watches are designed for their owner’s daily use and are free from descriptions on the dial and case such as “Automatic”, “Swiss Made”, or “Water resistant”.

  1. Visible machining and milling.

ochs und junior watches display their materials and means of manufacture similar to the principle of modern architecture, “truth to materials”.

  1. Open-ended customization.

Cofounder Beat Weinmann personally handles every order. Every ochs und junior customer can work directly with Weinmann to choose custom colors, sizes, materials, straps and engravings for their watch.

  1. Functional packaging.

ochs und junior watches come in a handmade eco-tanned leather travel pouch.

  1. Transparent Swiss production.

ochs und junior watches are made in Switzerland. Only the dial color (Germany) is manufactured outside, and every partner is transparently identified.

ochs und junior’s watches are designed by Ludwig Oechslin, one of the most awarded watchmakers of the past 30 years. Through an intensive design process which begins with critical thinking and analysis before the start of any handwork, Oechslin strives for the simplest (and most manufacturable) possible solution. He begins with a clean sheet of paper and uses his wide experience to develop mechanics that are more reliable, technically elegant, and easier to service. In a sense, Oechslin targets mechanical watchmaking’s earliest (and most practical) goals.

Oechslin’s annual calendar uses gears instead of the customary watchmaking solution of levers and springs to achieve a new level of simplicity. Just 6 parts enable the ochs und junior annual calendar, when other manufactures use far more (Patek Philippe uses 154). Oechslin’s designs enable ochs und junior to offer a lifetime warranty on every part it manufactures, including its custom-designed functions, cases, buckles and crown.

Oechslin’s focus is on expressing time horizons in the most functional and technically elegant manner possible. His watches are designed for daily use with the highest priority given to functionality and the wearer experience. An example is the ochs und junior date spiral, featured on the ochs und junior date, annual calendar and moon phase watches. The date spiral uses analog dots to provide an intuitive sense for the passage of a month, the way watch hands do for time. The 30+1 date perforations also allow the exact minute and second to be read without text or numbers.

ochs und junior watches have no logo on the dial or the case back. Oechslin’s focus on functionality leads to distinctive designs which do not require a logo for identification. For example, the date spiral on the ochs und junior date, moon phase, and annual calendar watches make them instantly recognizable as ochs und junior’s, even if only a small portion of the dial is visible. The only logo on ochs und junior watches is the one branded into the back of the eco-tanned leather straps  –  thereby taking “branding” back to its source…

ochs und junior watches are focused on functionality and free from potentially distracting feature descriptions like  “Automatic”, “Swiss Made”, “Titanium”, or “Water Resistance”. They are designed for their owners, who know what features their watch has.

ochs und junior watches exhibit their materials and means of manufacture. Machining and milling tool marks are visible on the titanium and silver cases, buckles and crowns. The titanium and silver parts for Oechslin’s watches are machined by Peter Cantieni at his workshop in Hinwil, Switzerland. Cantieni’s machining and milling work for ochs und junior is precise and aesthetic. It has to be, as there are no later steps to remove imperfections. Cantieni previously machined ultra-precise titanium parts for the Swiss Formula 1 team Sauber.

ochs und junior cofounder Beat Weinmann works directly with every customer  –  whether they visit in person in Lucerne, or get in touch by phone or email  –  to ensure that their watch is made to their exact specifications. The ochs und junior moon phase pictured above with a blue patina dial and hammered platinum moon is one example. The dimensions which can be customized include:

  • color (every dial element)
  • materials (titanium, silver, others upon request)
  • size (42mm, 39mm, 36mm, others upon request)
  • straps (eco-tanned calf leather in 38 colors, rubber, water-proof sturgeon)
  • personal engravings (the entire case back is the customer’s to engrave)

Online tools are available (moon phase, annual calendar, date, two time zones) to test out ideas. Far more is possible than with the tools. For all the options, customers can work directly with cofounder Beat Weinmann

ochs und junior watches come inside a small leather travel pouch made of the same eco-tanned leather as the watch straps.

ochs und junior watches are manufactured entirely in Switzerland, except for the dial color (Germany). Every partner and supplier is transparently listed on the partners page of its website.