Atelier Lucerne

| Beat Weinmann

Lucerne, Switzerland  –  this is where our headquarters are located. And we’ve made quite a few changes in the past few months. You can click the new link at the top of each page on our site (lucerne switzerland) to see them.

If you visit us in Lucerne, you’ll find yourself in the workshop of a watch company. Here, we work on everything that goes into the development of a great watch. Just like in one of the traditional Swiss watch companies, but smaller, more direct, more personal, and more transparent.

At ochs und junior we only make the next step when the current course of business allows it.

Here are the steps we’ve taken over the past few years:

In 2006, we founded our company. In 2008, we presented the first functions developed by Ludwig Oechslin, and in 2009, we delivered the first watches to our clients.

In 2010, we presented the first ochs und junior watches that incorporated your personal ideas into the individual watch design.

In 2012, we entered into a partnership with Ulysse Nardin and moved to our current workshop at Zürichstrasse 49.

Cail Pearce has been in charge of communications since 2013  –  Silicon Valley skills right here in Lucerne.

In 2014, we invested into in-house production and watchmaker Sandra Flück set up her watchmaking atelier. Since then, each watch has been hand-assembled right here at Zürichstrasse 49 in Lucerne.

In summer 2015, Ludwig Oechslin, too, set up a workspace here. His life and the development of his prototypes still center around the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds, and Italy remains a place of inspiration for him. But now, he can also be found in Lucerne from time to time.

All these steps and developments have necessitated changes in our workshop, which we’d like to present to you.

Bea Weinmann works as a self-employed photographer in her studio situated in the back of our workshop. The synergies arising from this arrangement are essential for our communications.

Sandra Flück and Ludwig Oechslin work on and think about the watches of ochs und junior in our in-house atelier.

Cail Pearce develops our ad-free communication from his standing desk right in the center of our workshop.

My table is now directly in front of the large window behind the four watches visible from the street.

These four watches discreetly signal that something special is happening here. Besides the small writing  –  ochs und junior AG  –  on the door and the opening hours, they are the only indication of Ludwig Oechslin‘s Lucerne innovations.

Lucerne is our center: we operate with a minimum of interfaces and reach out directly to our existing and future clients from this one place.

Now you know what our workshop looks like when you communicate with us via email or phone.

And if you visit us, the Dalla Corte espresso machine is in operation and our coffee is ground to measure.