ochs und junior produces a restricted number of its innovative legacy watches every year. The sale of our watches helps finance our developments and encourages Ludwig Oechslin to develop more of his pioneering concepts. Every watch is a direct descendant of one of his prototypes, and each model features specific characteristics. These watches are part of our history, part of us. Enjoy discovering the world of ochs und junior!

settimana junior

The settimana junior sports a seven-day calendar featuring the characteristic orange dot. Its seven apertures are arranged in such a way as to line up with the hour digits 1 to 7. The settimana junior is Ludwig Oechslin’s concept for children – or for anyone wishing to retain something of the nonchalance of childhood. Fashioned from skin-friendly titanium, it’s fitted with a water-friendly natural rubber strap. Its time function and weekday indication (featuring the characteristic orange dot) are powered by an ETA self-winding movement.


We engrave the case back with the name, address and telephone number of its owner. Other than that, typical of ochs und junior, it’s free of any logos or markings of any description. Every component of the settimana junior is made in Switzerland. It’s assembled in Paul Gerber’s workshop in Zurich. Sjoerd van Rooijen is the illustrator responsible for the comic strip that comes with it.

anno cinquanta

The intuitive calendar indication from ochs und junior. Ludwig Oechslin’s intelligent calendar mechanism, a dial fashioned from heat-patinated gold, a self-winding movement designed and made by Paul Gerber: The anno cinquanta was our first watch and represented our understanding of the art of watchmaking. Launched in 2008, it features a 43mm case in either silver or red or white gold. Unlike the annual calendar in our current series, the anno cinquanta is powered by a self-winding movement created by Paul Gerber. The annual calendar function, designed by Ludwig Oechslin, is conceived as a module. The date display is arranged around the perimeter of the dial in linear fashion – not as a spiral as seen in current models.


We have created a limited edition of thirty of these wonderful watches. They feature on the wrists of our earliest ochs und junior purchasers.

luna mese idea

The ochs und junior luna mese idea is an astronomical moon phase watch that indicates the relative positions of the sun, Earth and moon; the indication is based on just four components, including the functional dial!


Any analog wristwatch can be used to work out approximately where south is using the hour hand and the position of the sun. The luna mese idea can also do that at night! Free from any kind of lettering and numbering, this poetic timepiece features Ludwig Oechslin’s intuitive date spiral.


This, ochs und junior’s first moon phase variant, is a direct descendant of his Prototype No. 8. The case is in silver or titanium, while the dial and moon/lunation disk beneath it are fashioned from solid heat-patinated white gold. We have produced a total of five of these luna mese idea watches.

mese idea

It was an owner of an anno cinquanta who, on 13 January 2010, prompted Ludwig Oechslin to come up with the concept for an even more intuitively readable date indication – one where the minutes and the dates would line up with the indices. It took Oechslin a few days to come up with the solution: a date spiral!


Anyone wearing a mese idea possesses the first ochs und junior to feature the intuitive date spiral. Its dial, and the date disk beneath it, are fashioned from solid heat-patinated white gold.

due ore idea

July 2009 found Ludwig Oechslin wearing two prototypes: one with a moon phase indication around his neck, and the due ore on his wrist. It features a 39mm case in silver, a heat-patinated dial and the most intuitive dual time zone function yet seen in a watch: this is the watch that inspired us to run with an idea as soon as it bubbled to the surface.


This is also the watch that saw us beginning to source almost all our parts – apart from the ETA movement – from outside the watch industry. We built ten of these due ore idea. Like all our ‘idea’ watches, it’s a rarity.