moon phase trilogy

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The moon trilogy features a unique moon phase function. This highly innovative movement is executed as a 5-part epicyclic gear system that would need 3,478.27 years before its calculation is off by one day. Time and date are in visual harmony with an analogue spiral of dots, and the date is more readable than a digital display at the same distance. The 39mm moon phase comes in three different versions with unique materials used for the first time in our watches and unavailable through our online customizer tool. The first watch has a black galvanized dial, a red lacquer-coated moon disk with red markers and hands, a PVD-coated Titanium grade 5 black case and a hammered 24K gold sun at the 12 o’clock position. The second watch has a red lacquer-coated dial with a black galvanized moon disk, black markers and hands and a hammered 24K gold sun. The third watch in the collection features an emerald-green lacquer-coated dial with a black galvanized moon disk, gold-colored markers and hands, and a jade sun. The cases for the second and third watches are made out of Titanium grade 5. The straps are red or black textile with a titanium buckle.

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