A moon phase to adorn the neck!

As early as 2009, when Ludwig Oechslin was working on the studies for the selene, the theme of the pendant watch was always present for him and several of his prototypes played out this variant. We also shared some of these prototypes with you via Instagram in November 2020.

The pendant watch, which has only been produced for customers twice in all these years, has now recently been ordered by an ochs und junior customer in 42mm with a silver case.

Interestingly, this order has coincided with discussions amongst the ouj team about officially offering pendant watches on special request. The watch comes with a special leather pouch and a cord by Sabina Brägger made of sturgeon leather with a bayonet catch.

If you are interested in this ouj timepiece variant, simply contact us by email after ordering a customized watch to specify the pendant version.

Your ochs und junior team