Efficient service

We do everything we can to ensure that you enjoy your personal ochs und junior timepiece everyday – and for life. Contact us if you have any questions or work that needs to be done on your watch. This includes the regular servicing interventions it needs about every five years, as well as any urgent repairs – or you might like it to have a new look: we’ll do all of that for you personally, expertly and quickly.

Ask us about the best way of sending it to us – or bring it to us personally. We’ll keep in touch regarding the repair and the expected time it will take. We’ll make every effort to turn your watch around as quickly as possible.

Service contact

Ochs und Junior AG
Villa Grieshaber
Rue Numa-Droz 143
CH-2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds

Tel.: +41 (0)41 266 02 12
Email: [email protected]

Periodical servicing every five years

A mechanical watch movement is one of the smallest machines we use in our daily lives, and it goes with us wherever we go. The movement needs servicing every four to six years. Over time, the very advanced synthetic oils lose their efficiency. A regular service intervention will include the following:

  • Dismantle all of the components
  • Clean all of the components
  • Overhaul or replace mechanical parts
  • Re-assemble the movement
  • Lubricate
  • Regulate the mechanism in 5 positions
  • Replace the gaskets: case back, crystal and crown
  • Check the function, the accuracy and the power reserve
  • 1-year guarantee on all work done

Prices: annual calendar, moon phase, date, two time zones: CHF 650 (incl. 7.7% VAT / shipping extra)

Prices: perpetual calendar, day/night: CHF 850 (incl. 7.7% VAT / shipping extra)

We do all we can to complete the service and checks as quickly as possible. If sending us your watch from abroad, it’s best to use FedEx. Please contact us first so that we can prepare any necessary customs formalities and discuss with you the most efficient way of sending us your watch.

A new design for your ochs und junior

Your tastes can change over time. So can your personalized ochs und junior: fancy a new dial or hand color? Contact us!

The basic price for redesigning your watch is possible from CHF 1,000 (incl. 7.7% Swiss VAT). Depending on your personal design using the customizer or according to your whatever you might arrange with us, there may be additional charges.

If the movement requires service, this work will be done at no additional charge during the redesign process. After all, we have to take the watch apart anyway!

Price of parts

  • Sturgeon leather strap: CHF 250.-
  • Leather strap: CHF 250.-
  • Caoutchouc strap: CHF 150.-
  • Buckle (short, titanium): CHF 300.-
  • Buckle (long, titanium): CHF 300.-
  • Buckle (short, silver): CHF 400.-
  • Buckle (long, silver): CHF 400.-
  • Buckle perpetual calendar (short, titanium): CHF 450.-
  • Buckle perpetual calendar (long, titanium): CHF 450.-
  • Buckle perpetual calendar (short, silver): CHF 550.-
  • Buckle perpetual calendar (long, silver): CHF 550.-
  • Other parts on request