luna sole


The luna sole displays the hours, minutes, seconds (via the second disk), date, sun, moon phase, and the moon’s position relative to the earth and sun. Oechslin achieves these functions using just six module parts, including the dial. The titanium grade 5 case has a diameter of 40mm, a height of 9mm (including the glass), and a weight of 40 grams (without strap and titanium buckle). It is the thinnest, lightest, and most elegant of the ochs und junior watches to date.


In the center of the dial, there are two overlapping discs. The lower disc shows the sun as a large round circle on one side of the center and a heart-shaped area on the opposite side. The upper disc, representing the moon, is perforated or consists of a hoop the size of the sun. Together with the heart-shaped surface of the solar disc, the different phases of the lunation can be read using the lunar ring.

The solar disc rotates in 24 hours, completing one full rotation per day around the center, where the earth is located. At 12:00, it is at the top position, and at midnight, it is at the bottom position. In the morning, when it rises above the horizon, it is at 9:00, and in the evening, when it sets on the horizon, it is at 3:00. This allows its position in the sky to be determined at any time.

The same applies to the moon, with the only difference being that it lags behind the sun and completes one full rotation approximately every 29.5 days. This means it also passes over the heart-shaped surface, and its illumination can be read in the inner circle of the lunar ring. When the moon is opposite the sun, it is fully illuminated, indicating a full moon. When it is directly above the sun, it is outside the heart-shaped area and completely unlit, indicating a new moon. Its position also corresponds to its position in the sky.


Further information


Diameter 40mm; height (incl. crystal) 9mm.


40g (without large titanium buckle and leather strap),
52g (with large titanium buckle and leather strap).

Water resistance

100m in titanium.


2-part case in grade 5 titanium designed by Ludwig Oechslin.

Base movement

ETA 2892-A2 with 42 hours of power reserve. Manufacturer: ETA SA / Grenchen / Switzerland.


Screw-down crown in grade 5 titanium designed by Ludwig Oechslin.


Designed by Ludwig Oechslin for 22mm watch straps with no loops. Visible machining marks. Grade 5 titanium.

Watch strap

Ecopell leather strap in Olifant.


Sapphire crystal.

Swiss Made

The ochs und junior luna sole is manufactured in Switzerland. Each watch is hand-assembled and regulated at the ochs und junior workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds.


Two years.


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