19. January 2018
“Mechanics” section added to: Facts – two time zones

15. January 2018
New photos: Gallery – perpetual calendar

11. January 2018
Photo showing the three dimensionality of the moon phase dial

09. January 2018
New photo: moon phase – Facts

08. January 2018
Updated manuals: annual calendar | moon phase | date

05. January 2018
New photo: perpetual calendar – Facts

04. January 2018
Regular store hours have resumed!

20. December 2017
Thank you (Thoughts)

16. December 2017
Updated homepage photos.

15. December 2017
Holiday store hours (Contact)

14. December 2017
PASTARAZZI (Eating – Our Lucerne)

13. December 2017
An ochs und junior was spotted in the wild by a watchuseek forum member. He was extremely impressed! Several owners show their watches on the thread.

07. December 2017
New photo: date – Facts

05. December 2017
The Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Switzerland’s newspaper of record, featured Oechslin’s two time zones watch in its collection of 15 new classics today.

30. November 2017
HODINKEE Hands-On: The Ochs Und Junior Perpetual Calendar In Full Titanium

29. November 2017
The Art of Simplicity – Hossein Lotfi

28. November 2017
Earlier this month, a group of German business managers made a grand tour of Swiss watch companies. Their goal was to understand how Swiss watches are made today and to exchange ideas about business and entrepreneurship with the CEOs. Their trip led them to the Vallée de Joux, Geneva, Biel, and Schaffhausen, where they met with the CEOs of IWC, Audemars Piquet, Chopard, and MB&F. It also brought them to Lucerne for a watch company quite a bit smaller by any business measure.

Photo: Andreas Mader for IMPULSE

22. November 2017
New photo: Gasthof Krone in Blatten (Eating – Our Lucerne)

17. November 2017
The homepage now provides the following information for each watch: functions, base movement, available diameters, starting price, and an example execution. The “Watches” page is the ochs und junior homepage – we immediately show what we are about. Your feedback is always welcome.

15. November 2017
Stefan Wiesner (Eating – Our Lucerne)

10. November 2017
New photos: Gallery – annual calendar

09. November 2017
New photos: Gallery – moon phase

08. November 2017
One 42mm moon phase blue patina now in stock. (Store – moon phase)

03. November 2017
Two small website changes: first, the menu now displays in two columns for viewports wider than 1100px. Also, text and images on the News page now display up to 760px wide. You might need to refresh your browser to see the changes. Cail Pearce welcomes your feedback, as always.

31. October 2017
Jack Forster’s article on the history of astronomical complications in Vol. 1 of the HODINKEE magazine features Ludwig Oechslin’s moon phase watch (39mm German silver).

28. October 2017
Restaurant Libelle (Eating – Our Lucerne)

25. October 2017
Impressions from Rolls-Royce at ochs und junior.

19. October 2017
The first ochs und junior in red patina. (Store – perpetual calendar)

18. October 2017
New homepage images.

14. October 2017
New photo: two time zones – Facts

13. October 2017
One 42mm moon phase “oj blue” now in stock. (Store – moon phase)

12. October 2017
New photo: moon phase – Facts

11. October 2017
New photo: annual calendar – Facts

09. October 2017
Press information from Rolls-Royce about ochs und junior.

06. October 2017
New impressions from Rolls-Royce at ochs und junior.

05. October 2017
New content and links for the QLOCKTWO Lucerne post.

03. October 2017
Press release — Rolls-Royce at ochs und junior
Press release — Assemble a perpetual calendar…yourself!

02. October 2017
We have updated the News page so that we can include images. The timing is perfect, because we also just received a gift from our special customer in Colombia…the espresso is delicious!

28. September 2017
Updated graphic and images — the temptation (Thoughts)

27. September 2017 (Afternoon)
the temptation (Thoughts)

27. September 2017 (Morning)
Vol. 1 of the HODINKEE magazine should begin arriving today. The ochs und junior moon phase is featured inside!

26. September 2017
Nebra moon phase watches in 42mm and 39mm! One piece each now in stock in Lucerne. (moon phase – Store)

23. September 2017
Links to Facebook and Twitter on the Contact page.

22. September 2017
New homepage images.

21. September 2017
Titanium perpetual calendar (Store – perpetual calendar)

20. September 2017
Titanium (Thoughts)

13. September 2017
Rust annual calendars in 42mm and 39mm! One piece each now in stock in Lucerne. (annual calendar – Store)

05. September 2017
Drei Könige (Our Lucerne – Eating)

04. September 2017
First article in Danish. (PDF)

01. September 2017
The blue patina perpetual calendar. One piece now in stock in Lucerne. (perpetual calendar – Store)

29. August 2017
oj4.1: New homepage, new menu, new image formatting, and further speed improvements.

21. August 2017
HODINKEE Editors’ Picks — Five Date Displays Done Well

18. August 2017
New team photo

17. August 2017
Marion Müller just finished assembly of a perpetual calendar in the Reference execution! This watch is now ready to ship or pickup in Lucerne. (perpetual calendar – Store)

11. August 2017
Müller and Flück (Thoughts)

08. August 2017
“Mechanics” section for date – Facts

03. August 2017
New Contact page photo

21. July 2017
HODINKEE In-Depth — Ulysse Nardin Tellurium Johannes Kepler

11. July 2017
Textiles and Velcro (Thoughts)

01. July 2017
Robb Report — ochs und junior perpetual calendar!

27. June 2017
SWISS (Thoughts)

26. June 2017
Second disk option for annual calendar, moon phase, date and two time zones customizers.

20. June 2017
New high-performance web server. The speed improvement is most noticeable on the customizer, Print 1:1, and Thoughts.

10. June 2017
New menu design.

06. June 2017
New homepage images.

03. June 2017
Stuart Stock (Honored)

31. May 2017
For viewports larger than 1449 pixels wide, the menu now displays in a larger font size.

30. May 2017
The Wasser für Wasser thought post has been updated.

24. May 2017
Customizer bookmarks! The URL now changes dynamically while you customize your watch.

18. May 2017
Press release — New customizer

15. May 2017
oj4 is live!

Explore ochs und junior’s history in the Thoughts section.