Company Profile
ochs und junior ag/sa
Founded: 2006.
Location: Registered offices in Lucerne. Headquarters and workshop located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.
Distribution: ochs und junior watches are purchasable directly through the ochs und junior website (worldwide shipping via FedEx) or from the ochs und junior workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
Production: Around 130 watches per year.
Owner: Oechslin family.
Team: Ludwig Oechslin is responsible for all technical development and design. Marc Bernhardt manages the company. Chief watchmaker Jost Schlatter assembles, regulates and repairs ochs und junior watches at the ochs und junior in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Louise Krank, one of our « juniors » from the owner’s family, is the communication designer of ochs und junior.Product concept:
  • Radically simple watches by Ludwig Oechslin.
  • Reading time intuitively.
What makes ochs und junior different?
  1. Oechslin radically simplifies mechanical functions using only gear trains and wheels requiring very few components. Eg. our perpetual calendar module works with a mere 9 components.
  2. ochs und junior’s signature date spiral (eg. date) intuitively shows the date as a moving dot travelling around the dial. From a distance it is better discernable than a conventional date window.
  3. Visible machining marks on cases, dials and hands are deliberate and bear witness to parts handcrafted and milled from solid metal blocks.
  4. Most of ochs und junior’s customers choose patinated dials and hands. Patination is an accelerated oxidation process of surfaces (eg. rust) that renders unique each of our watches. They literally come to life through the often random and natural process of patination.
  5. ochs und junior offers a multitude of customization possibilities by way of our online customizer tool.
  6. None of our watches bear[DB1]  a logo, but we brand the logo (literally) on the back of the leather strap.
  7. We establish a direct relationship with our customers.
  8. Oechslin’s remarkably uncomplicated modules are mounted on a trusted and reliable base movement supplied by our partners at Ulysse Nardin and ETA in Switzerland.

Price range: CHF 6’000 – CHF 22’000