A watch like a race car

| Beat Weinmann

A watch like a race car – usually it’s another watch brand, which sells for quite different prices, that takes this for its motto.

However, since we have worked on reducing the total weight of this watch using, among other things, the classical methods of Colin Chapman – choosing light material and eliminating every part of the structure that is not strictly necessary – we resort to this comparison without blushing. Or perhaps it’s because this specific client really likes extremely light and super-fast race cars …

70.7g for a perpetual calendar that is, at 47mm, of considerable size, is quite a challenge. All components specific to this spectacular ochs und junior have been individually manufactured by the Helfenstein Mechanik AG.

For the function of the perpetual calendar, all elements have been executed in aluminum, including all plates and bridges, but excluding the four cogwheels and the lever-like additional tooth accounting for the leap year. The dial as well as the date and the month discs have been anodized blue. The discs for the power reserve and for the second display were too small for this treatment and therefore match the two hands in untreated aluminum.

The radically milled out aluminum case and the buckle have been colorlessly anodized in order to protect them from corrosion. They are thus ready for super-fast lap times and intense driving in sweat-inducing high-speed competition.

With the dark blue textile strap made by Sabina Brägger, this perpetual calendar looks truly fast! ?