An exhibition in St. Gallen

We are delighted to be able to draw your attention to a very special exhibition on Jost Bürgi at the Kulturmuseum in St. Gallen. Organized by museum director Dr. Peter Fux and his team, “Jost Bürgi (1552-1632) – Key to the Cosmos”, takes an in-depth look at the Swiss clockmaker, astronomer, and mathematician. Historical measuring instruments and artifacts such as, globes, astronomical clocks and astronomical models illustrate his complex work in the context of the cultural, technical, and intellectual innovations and upheavals of the time. The exhibition is complemented by a rich accompanying program and a comprehensive catalog. It runs until 3 March 2024 (Kulturmuseum St. Gallen, Museumstrasse 50, CH-9000 St. Gallen).
Ludwig Oechslin’s interest in Jost Bürgi goes back to his early creative periods. In the St. Gallen exhibition, three of Ludwig Oechslin’s working models, which he built together with his former teacher, Jörg Spöring, are displayed under a portrait of Jost Bürgi.

The museum management has invited ochs und junior to exhibit three watches in the museum store, one day/night 40mm and two ochs line selene (moon phase) oj blue in 39 and 42mm. The watches can be viewed, tried on, and ordered in the museum.

This is the first collaboration of this kind for ochs und junior, and we would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to the Kulturmuseum St. Gallen!

Your ochs und junior team

First picture by Kulturmuseum St.Gallen