Back to the beginning with two time zones – the ochs line due ore

Back to the beginning with two time zones –
the ochs line due ore

We are pleased to announce the first official piece in the ochs line, the due ore or two time zones in oj blue.

It has been a crazy 2 years! For many of us, it has been time spent close to home with little or no travel, not seeing our family and friends face to face. The world that had been getting smaller every day suddenly seemed huge, with vast oceans separating us from each other. And we thought that maybe it was time to try and pull each other closer together again.

When we were trying to decide which piece should be the first in ochs und junior’s ochs line, our minds went back to one of the very first creations that Ludwig came up with, a watch that could not only tell the time, but also provide the time in a second time zone with a quick glance. Something practical, useful, and easy to read. The due ore.

Ludwig originally conceived the due ore to not only tell the time, but to also provide the correct time in Boston where his friend lives. True, there are many watches that have GMT features, but they are not particularly intuitive and can be difficult to read. With just one glance, the second time zone can be read clearly and quickly without any mathematical gymnastics. But what is truly remarkable about the due ore is that it manages to provide 2 time zones with a basic movement equipped with a module consisting of just 2 parts.

The due ore serves as a constant reminder of your friends, and loved ones who might be far away but are always close to you wherever you are in the world.
The ochs line due ore, non-customizable, is 39 mm and crafted of grade 5 titanium. The dial is oj blue with a choice of smoke green or a classic orange indices, hands and 2nd timezone indication. Priced at CHF 3,500 (with Swiss VAT), CHF 3,230 (export price).