Oxloft-Baselworld in Lucerne3

April 25 – May 2, ochs und junior cofounder Beat Weinmann will present Ludwig Oechslin’s latest creations at the bright and spacious ochs und junior workspace in Lucerne — the exclusive location where ochs und junior watches are sold.

Visitors to ochs und junior’s workspace in Lucerne will be able to try on:

  • moon phase patina, which features a high-contrast dial executed entirely in one material: brass. Just two metals are visible on the watch — brass (all dial components including hands) and titanium (case, crown, buckle).
  • new patina executions of Ludwig Oechslin’s annual calendar, date, and two time zones watches.
  • early prototypes and custom color ochs und junior watches.

Lucerne is about a 1 hour trip from Basel either by train or car. Espresso from the 1966 Gaggia will be available throughout the day, as well as local bread and cheese.

Lucerne is Switzerland’s most visited travel destination, and Beat Weinmann can make bespoke recommendations about the best places to visit on your break from Basel.


ochs und junior
Zürichstrasse 49
CH-6004 Lucerne
From BASELWORLD, you can take tram No. 2 or 6 to the Basel Badischer Bahnhof (2 minute ride). From Basel Badischer Bahnhof, trains run multiple times per hour to Lucerne (61 – 84 minute ride, depending on the train). Upon arrival in Lucerne, exit the train station and take bus No. 1 (direction: Maihof) to Wesemlinrain. Across the street, you will see ochs und junior. The address is Zürichstrasse 49.

Driving directions from Google Maps: