The day/night for Berlin

Imagine an IT entrepreneur in Berlin. Dressed mainly in black – with true style and well-tailored pieces. And then add this day/night! It is definitely the most colorful watch we were ever asked to execute for a client.

The graphic design of the dots and the color concept have been commissioned from the German artist Adib Fricke by the client.
Andreas Standke of Cador has mixed all the colors by hand according to the Pantone templates and has executed the very demanding painting work.

The horizon fans of the day/night watch move down and back up during the course of a year – or more often when it is being playfully set – and there is extremely little space between the module board and the underside of these fans. Therefore, Reto Helfenstein and his team have milled an additional indentation into the module board to accommodate the color layer. The moon revolves around the dial once every 24 hours and passes very closely above the fans, too. The challenge for Andreas Standke was to keep the color layer as thin as possible, while achieving a shade true to the specified color, and to draw perfectly clear color transitions (check for yourself by zooming into the picture).

The result is a unique timepiece, and better than any bonbon collection watch shown at the SIHH at the beginning of this year … 🙂