Brutally Bauhaus! ochs und junior ochs line mese 1.22

Brutally Bauhaus! ochs und junior ochs line mese 1.22

Our watches have been described by some as industrial in appearance, our titanium cases bearing witness to the tools used by the casemaker, proudly displaying their “birthmarks” for all to see! Some have even gone so far as to call this lack of devotion to buffing and polishing downright brutal in its devotion to function over form.

This same philosophy is borne out in Ludwig Oechslin’s direct and simple solutions to some of horology’s most complex engineering challenges, distilling seemingly dauntless complications down to their very essence, utilizing the fewest moving parts necessary.

ochs und junior has always been about collaboration. When we moved to our current home in La Chaux-de-Fonds, we quickly got acquainted with a lot of the local artisans and craftspeople who now produce some of the dials, straps and other components that we proudly utilize to craft each ochs und junior watch.

In many ways, ochs und junior embodies a lot of the bauhaus ethos – combining arts and crafts with a modernist vision.
And that got us thinking…

We are excited to introduce the first version of the ochs line date or mese – the ochs line mese 1.22

The case is titanium, measuring 39 mm in diameter.

The movement is ETA’s 2824-2 and the module of Ludwig Oechslin consists of 2 single parts.

And in ochs und junior’s new tradition of making the superlative affordable, it is priced at CHF 3’500 — Incl. 7.7% VAT or CHF 3’230 — Export price.