customizer 2

| Cail Pearce

A photorealistic customizer tool for ochs und junior watches is now online:


The tool works best on fast computers running Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Opera. Performance is slower in Safari and on older iPads.

Beat Weinmann can also develop the idea for your personal ochs und junior with you over email, on the phone, or in person in Lucerne.


The customizer enables control over the following dimensions:

  • Case material (titanium or sterling silver 925)
  • Case size (42mm or 39mm)
  • Color (all dial elements including hands  –  20 options)
  • Strap (leather, suede, sturgeon, rubber)

Mockups are 100% Retina-resolution and can be printed life-size, cut out, and wrapped around the wrist.

You can send questions and feedback about the tool directly to ochs und junior’s in-house designer, Cail Pearce.

Further possibilities

Naturally, far more options for customization are possible than in the tool. That is the subject of today’s press release, which we welcome our blog readers to check out as well:

Open-ended customization

Thank you.