Don’t let the moon phase you!

We are thrilled to share with you our latest addition to the ochs line, the selene (moon phase).

Described as the most accurate moon phase available, we are proud to share with you the newest addition to the ochs line,
the moon phase / selene. The ochs line moon phase / selene comes in our exclusive ochs blue with rhodium plated markers, hour and minute hands, and full moon. The new moon is patina. The second hand is ochs blue.

Ludwig Oechslin’s ochs und junior moon phase / selene is perhaps one of his most recognizable designs. An astronomical time machine that provides not only the time, but the date and the phases of the moon.

The ochs und junior moon phase / selene calculates the lunation as 29.5306122449 days. As a result, it will provide the correct length of the phases of the moon for 3,478.27 years before it is off by a single day. This means that you can pretty much set your moon phase one time, and it will be accurate for as long as you own it –
providing that you keep it wound;)

Less is more –

A moon phase watch, by definition, is complicated. But Ludwig Oechslin has always taken a different approach. While a typical moon phase complication is made up of countless pieces, the ochs und junior moon phase module requires just 5 additional parts.

The ochs line selene is available in two sizes: 39 mm, and 42 mm, and accessibly priced at:

CHF 5,500 – Incl. 7.7% Swiss VAT
CHF 5,077 – Export price