From the customized watch to the ochs and settimana line to the artists line

At ochs und junior, we pride ourselves on being a hub of creativity and innovation. We are excited to introduce our latest project:
the artist line, a perfect complement to the settimana and ochs lines, as well as our customized watches.
Our unique approach allows you, our valued customers, to create
a truly personalized timepiece with a wide selection of options for colors and materials, and the aesthetics of the dials, hands, and other components. The results are unmistakably ochs und junior and unmistakably YOU.
In addition to our customized watches, the settimana and ochs lines, launched in 2021 and 2022, offer individual models of ochs und junior as series watches. We plan to expand these lines with more models in the future.
The next step in our creative evolution is the artist line.
We merge the brilliant expertise of Ludwig Oechslin with your own significant aesthetic contributions, and our series watches.
This new line will feature unique, non-limited-edition timepieces designed by a diverse range of creatives, including artists, designers, architects, philosophers, engineers, mathematicians,
and other researchers of different fields.The artist line includes
non-limited but at the same time very special timepieces, which add a new dimension to our series watches. The first watch of this newly created line will be unveiled later this year.