Homage to the Eameses: ochs und junior ochs line mese 2.23

Following the successful first ochs line date watch, ochs und junior is proud to relaunch the ochs line mese 2.23, as a worthy successor to the highly acclaimed mese 1.22 “Bauhaus” timepiece. This new creation pays homage to the iconic American design duo, Ray and Charles Eames, drawing on their vibrant, 1950s color palette.

Ludwig Oechslin’s ingenious module consists of only two single parts along with ETA’s 2824-2 movement.

The dial and date disc of the new mese 2.23 are in elegant black with six light green indices. The hour hand offers a slight contrast with a smoky green hue, while the minute and second hands complement the watch in light green and orange, respectively. The sophisticated date indicator is a point of vivid orange.

This new mese is available in 39mm and 42mm and is encased in Grade 5 titanium. The black Ecopell leather strap, featuring an ingenious Ludwig Oechslin buckle, is offered in a range of sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for every wrist.

The ochs line mese 2.23 is available for CHF 3,230 (export price) or CHF 3,500 (including 7.7% VAT), inclusive of DHL or FedEx shipping.

For the ultimate pairing, ochs und junior offers the opportunity to acquire both the mese 2.23 and its predecessor, the mese 1.22, as a pair. Please note that the delivery time for these timepieces is up to 10 weeks from the date of your order.

Your ochs und junior team