Ideas workshop


This is our idealized view of an ideas workshop. As you would expect, things aren’t quite like that: here at ochs und junior, our creativity stretches over quite a distance in Switzerland.

From La Chaux-de-Fonds, via Hinwil to the uplands of Zurich, a little graphical detour to Frauenfeld, watchmaking craftsmanship in Zurich City  –  and the whole lot flows to Lucerne, where it’s all put together.

That’s how it goes! We thought you’d like to see what we imagine it could be like to brainstorm in a charming, old factory building, so we asked Sjoerd to sketch one up for our website

We’re doing away with the lovely Citroën DS (and its propellor!) in the new website and putting the trailer away. We’re getting the website ready to accept our new additions – the tinta is one of them. The photos will be along soon!

And because we never rest on our laurels, the first due ore and mese tinta are almost ready. The above graphic is your first peek at the third 42 mm titanium watch  –  a treat for sharp-eyed ochs bloggers… :-). More soon!