In the metal

| Cail Pearce

Again and again, we are told by our customers after they first receive their ochs und junior that our watches are far more captivating and beautiful “in the metal” than in our photographs. Some of our customers have even told us we could publish their remarks with their full names and location. You can read these personal responses from customers on our Honored page (as well as in this 2015 blog post, before we had the Honored section).

“Underpromising and overdelivering” is one of the guiding principles for our communications. It’s why our texts don’t use sales-y language and keep the focus on facts. It’s also why all of our photos are real photos of actual ochs und juniors. We never “stack” several photos together with different focus distances, in order to create the artificially perfect renderings which are the standard for the luxury watch industry.

There is one place on our website where we do use renderings, however: in our customizer tools. We must, there are simply too many options! This raises a good question though: how do the options in our customizer tools translate to reality? The extremely colorful, highly-customized annual calendar in this post can help provide a feel for this.

Image of the watch in this post loaded in the customizer. Load this watch in the customizer yourself.

Since we exclusively sell our watches directly from our workshop in Lucerne, and about 2/3rds of our customers have never held an ochs und junior in their hand before completing their purchase, we take the distance between the images in our customizer tools and the reality in the metal very seriously. As technology continues to improve, we’ll come closer and closer to the experience of holding our watches in your hand. But we will never leave the side of “underpromising and overdelivering”.