Just in time for the Holidays: The special edition selene nebra 2023

One of the most sought-after dial finishes on our customized watches is the nebra finish. While many may automatically identify nebra patination technique as unique to ochs und junior, this was not always the case! In 2013, it was a customer in Lucerne, Switzerland who first requested a dial representative of the Nebra Sky Disc, the famous Bronze Age artifact depicting the night sky.

Now, ten years after the first production of the ochs und junior selene nebra as a one-off, we are offering it in its classic version for the 2023 Holiday season as a time-limited series watch in the ochs line.

Orders for this edition will only be accepted until January 6th, 2024.
Orders received from now until November 20th will be available for delivery by December 20th, 2023. Later orders up to and including January 6th will be shipped by the end of January /
beginning of February 2024.

The special edition selene nebra 2023 is available at the price of CHF 7,520 (export price without VAT) / CHF 8,100 (incl. VAT).

Your ochs und junior team