| Beat Weinmann

Lisbon’s light and the perfect patina for it

In Lisbon there is probably the most beautiful light in Europe! Not without reason are most photos for automobile advertising on this continent taken in that city. Is it because of its location on the Atlantic Ocean and its breadth, which invites you to go exploring? Is it the angle of the sun’s rays? Or is it that there are simply so many hours of sunshine per year?

Anyone who has ever spent time in the city of Vasco da Gama was and surely still is enchanted by it. The lucky ones among us live right there. Of course, one of the most beautiful possibilities for wearing a wrist watch in Lisbon is a day/night with a special patina. One that reflects the wonderful light through the structure of the metal, and without the application of paint, shows various shades and colors. This watch displays the position of the sun and the moon in a most romantic way – and shows you how long you can enjoy the sun on any given day.

Kevin Hoffmann has created a very special interpretation of the Sunburst patina for our ochs und junior collector in Lisbon. One that displays a special effect in the light of Lisbon. In this custom-made watch, the moon is a full disc of hammered platinum, and the sun is manufactured out of hammered 24k yellow gold. At night, the stars may appear as if the wearer of this watch looked out to sea towards the west.