Summer in Lucerne


It’s 32ºC – and 22ºC in the wonderfully clean water. That’s Lucerne in the summer for you  –  a great place to live, with a superb lake pool featuring wood cabins… and just three skateboarding minutes from Embassy!

Refreshingly cool water, water-resistant settimana junior watches, eating on the sun deck… long drawn-out evenings, happy people…

What day is it? Tuesday  –  but no one cares while there’s fun to be had!

What I didn’t know was that two finished luna mese were up there on the deck, nestling in their Ecopell leather wallets in Beas camera bag with all the lenses. They were waiting to be photographed, and were being watched over by people from Lucerne… 😉

We might do the shoot for this latest timepiece next week in one of these wood cabins  –  by the first light of dawn, or as the sun sets…