ochs line anno

What If?

A little over a year ago, we dropped our first serial production piece, the settimana raw. This was the first time that we at ochs und junior had deliberately set out to offer one of Ludwig Oechslin’s iconic watches at a truly affordable price.

And this got us thinking …

What if we could take other ochs und junior watches and offer them in a serial production, and do so at a more affordable price? And although we had discussed the ochs line, the success of the settimana raw pushed the project forward and we brought out the due ore this past January. This was followed by the mese. And now it is time to reveal the next watch in the ochs line.

(re)Introducing the ochs und junior ochs line anno –

Since the introduction of the ochs line, the annual calendar has been the single most requested version by you, our customers, fans, and friends.

Available in our exclusive ochs blue (with orange, or brass hands and indices) and a “not-so-basic” black (with white hands and indices).

Of all of Ludwig Oechslin’s wonderful creations, perhaps the most iconic is the ochs und junior annual calendar. A wrist-bound time machine that provides not only the time, but the date (day and month), and the day of the week. The ochs line anno provides all of the functionality and cutting edge design, but is offered at a lower, more affordable price than the customized annual calendar.

Set it and (mostly) forget it –

The ochs line anno displays the time, date, day of the week, and month of the year. Unlike a typical date or day-date watch, it will only need to be adjusted on March 1 of each year.

Less is more –

An annual calendar, by definition, is complicated. But Ludwig Oechslin has always looked at things a bit differently. Three years of research and development led to a new annual calendar function that is comprised of just 3 additional parts.

Innovation within reach –

One of Dr. Oechslin’s biggest goals was to be able to offer his innovative watches at a more accessible price. The ochs line anno is priced at CHF 5,500 (VAT included) CHF 5,077 (Export price).