Orange summer stories


These orange-colored balls pick out power transmission lines near the Grimsel Pass, a spectacular spot that connects Cantons Valais and Bern in the Swiss Alps. And what news of the ochs und junior orange dots? A settimana junior (the model with a single dot) has reached California. For first impressions go to and read a wonderful orange-hued post.

As for our timepiece with three orange dots  –  the anno cinquanta  –  it’s been on a business trip to the Adriatic…

Visit or for comforting summer bed time stories.

There are lots of ochs und junior stories to tell  –  and with timepieces now being worn in the USA, Singapore and Europe, personal stories are beginning to emerge. It would be great to hear from the new owners!

And what of Ludwig Oechslin? He’s taking advantage of the fact that the watchmaking industry’s on holiday to work on the very first la due ore. Every one of these miniature works of art will be slightly different from the next  –  no two will be the same. Each of these prototypes involves a process of discovery and learning, and each involves a very special challenge. They will be accompanied by a grey cardboard folder containing eleven hand-drawn sketches created by Sjoerd. We’re having a great summer, and really enjoying our ochs und junior adventure…