Just arrived from Peter Cantieni’s workshop in Hinwil!

We’re now able to produce our idea collection of prototype watches in silver, a material we first used with the anno cinquanta!

Titanium is the best material for watch cases, being light, tough and anti-allergenic. Ludwig Oechslin is focused on achieving optimal funtionality with his timepieces, so titanium is an obvious choice.

That said, silver is a lovely material to use for a watch case. It scratches easily, and acquires a patina over time: the wearer’s life is visible in its wonderful lustre. Scratches, adventures, moods, memories  –  it’s all there. Personal stories.

On request, we’ll build you a selene, anno, mese or due ore in a 42 mm or 39 mm silver case. Alongside the colored dial, we also offer one in hand-patinated brass. We’ll be showing you how that looks later in May…