Spotlight on an ochs und junior custom creation

It’s been years since ochs und junior launched the opportunity to personalize Ludwig Oechslin’s watches via the Customizer, and our customers continue to surprise and delight us with amazing ideas which we are honored to bring to life. Today we’d like to feature one of these very special creations. This recently completed, customized moon phase in 39mm, is notable for the depth of its symbolic details and personal meanings.

For his selene, this American ochs und junior customer chose a shimmering dark-blue, vertically polished dial with an equally dark patinated date disk, and a chocolate brown patinated moon disk with brass stars. The sun, full moon, and new moon are each brought to life with different materials. With an eye-catching custom shade of blue, specially selected by our customer, the indexes, the dots between the indexes, the date dot, three rings on the date disk, and the hands, provide bright accents.

The date disk’s three circular markings connect to the culmination point of this personalized creation.
Meticulously painted by Mrs Sommer,

the second disk is a detailed representation of the planet as
seen from space.

This dialog between individual and the world is complemented by a special personalized case back engraving. While wishing to remain anonymous, our customer explains the motivation behind this amazing creation with the following words: “Having owned many mass-produced watches, I wanted something bespoke and I felt that a simple engraving on a ‘normal’ watch would be insufficient in this respect. I wanted to be part of the creative process from the beginning, one that was tailored to me in true atelier fashion.
In addition, I wanted something with horological significance to add to my collection and Ludwig Oechslin’s inventions fulfill this requirement through their radical design and engineering.”
The ochs und junior team would like to thank our customer for this inspiring commission and for the rewarding collaboration
which has also resulted in the first chronometer in the history of ochs und junior!


Picture 3, 4 : B. Sommer