Three years


Manufacturing watches is rather like putting a puzzle together. It was more than three years ago that Ludwig Oechslin was assembling his first ochs und junior prototypes and we were thinking about the overall concept for our watch company  –  we were still some way away from the finished works of art we now have… Three whole years… The pieces of the puzzle are coming together and our little stock of finished components is growing. This week Margaretha Theiler sent us the leather wallets for the first anno cinquantas. Wrapped in tissue paper, the handcrafted wallets fashioned from ecologically tanned Ecopell leather sporting the titanium knob made by Peter Cantieni are waiting for the watches. I’ll be going to Switzerland’s Federal Assay Office in Basel next Friday with 11 white gold, 11 silver and 12 red gold cases for stamping with two of the marks required by law. I’ll let you know how it went…

In around three weeks’ time we’ll have built the first white and red gold anno cinquantas complete with their annual calendars. Bea will be taking photographs, which Sjoerd will then post on the Internet. That will mark the completion of the very first ochs und junior collection… three years of work – we’re looking forward to it!

We will be assembling two or three watches every month. There’s a lot of manual labor involved!