The ochs line further explained

The ochs line further explained

We wanted to take a moment and give some more details on the ochs line, why it’s priced as it is, and how we can offer it at (what we think) is such a great price.

From the very beginning of ochs und junior, Ludwig Oechslin had some very clear goals in mind:

1. He wanted to offer watches based on his own design principles, where less is truly more, providing complications without unnecessary complication.
2. He wanted to offer these watches at a price that could be enjoyed by more than just a lucky few.
3. He wanted to create a watch that harnessed the skills and talents of the regional area. At the time, with ochs und junior being based in Lucerne, the local and regional options were somewhat limited. With our move to La Chaux-de-Fonds, we have finally been able to realize the third goal, working with local and regional partners.

With the creation and launch of the ochs line, we are able to bring these three guiding principles together, and offer an ochs und junior complication at a price that is within reach of more collectors than ever before.

But how did we do it?

Simply put, producing 20 or more watches of the same type at the same time is extremely cost-efficient and (as contradictory as this may seem) also goes much faster in terms of production time.

But don’t worry, the ochs line will not replace our customized watches or make them obsolete. We will simply offer you, our customers, both possibilities: The serial watch (ochs line), and the unique piece which you design yourself!