The ochs line – ochs und junior reimagined.

Dear friends of ochs und junior,

As many of you know, we have been working on a serially produced ochs und junior collection. The ochs line follows up on the three sets of serially produced watches from this past year – the cca, moon phase trilogy and the four settimana models (limited, raw, classic white, and next).

Moving forward, ochs und junior will have 2 different product categories  –
1.  ochs line
2.  ochs und junior custom

Ludwig Oechslin has long wanted to offer a more affordable, more accessible collection of ochs und junior watches, and the ochs line now makes this possible. The ochs line is serially produced, and as such cannot be customized.

For those of you craving a custom designed ochs und junior, fear not! In addition to our new ochs line we will continue to offer our custom-made watches, which you can design yourself with the help of the ochs und junior Customizer.

So please mark Thursday, January 27th in your calendar! This is the day that the first piece of the ochs line will be introduced!

We look forward to your feedback, and until then – stay well!

Your ochs team