Setting your watch

step 1. wind the watch

  • Turn the crown anti-clockwise to unlock it.
  • Turn the crown clockwise approximately 55 to 60 times to fully wind the automatic movement of the watch.
    (Power reserve: approximately 42 hours.)

step 2. set the moon phase to full moon (or new moon)

  • Pull the crown out twice (position 2) and set the moon phase to the last full or new moon.
  • Turn the hands slowly forward or backward to reach the closest reference moon phase.
  • Avoid switching quickly between forward and backward movements of the hands in order not to damage the extremely delicate cogging of the driver. Please turn slowly in order to avoid great applications of force.

step 3. set the date of the last full or new moon

  • Push the crown back in, then pull it out again one notch to position 1.
  • Set the date of the last full or new moon.
  • The dates of the last full or new moon can be found on this website Full moon and new moon dates for 2024.

step 4. set the current date and time

  • Pull out the crown another notch and turn until the watch shows the correct date and the exact time.
  • Finish by pushing the crown back in completely. From now on, the moon phase will adjust automatically.

step 5. re-lock the crown

  • Re-lock the crown by turning it clockwise.