We love Lucerne!

Lucerne is the most beautiful city in all of Switzerland and the only place where you can find ochs und junior!

Alright, that first statement may not be entirely unbiased. It is colored by our personal perception  –  as it should be! The second statement, however, is a fact  –  and part of our company’s concept.

ochs und junior is the watch company which always chooses the direct path. And because direct, personal contact with our customers is so important to us, our watches are exclusively sold directly. Instead of distributing our product through a network of middlemen and salespeople, we offer our clients service at the highest level of competence: Beat Weinmann, cofounder and CEO, is your direct contact  –  whether you want to customize your watch, order it, or send it in to be serviced. With the phone, Skype or e-mail, you can do this from anywhere in world  –  our watches, however, are always shipped directly from Lucerne.

Beat Weinmann is also the host who will welcome you to our workspace located at Zürichstrasse 49 in Lucerne  –  Switzerland’s most beautiful city, as we’d like to emphasize.

The view from the Rigi, one of Lucerne’s surrounding mountains, down onto the many branches of Lake Lucerne is simply breathtaking! To get there, you can board one of the centenarian steamships  –  Ludwig Oechslin’s favorite means of traveling.

The food at the Restaurant Hopfenkranz is so good that we eat there almost every day. And on Saturdays, when we walk across the famous wooden bridge, the Chapel Bridge, to buy our cheese from producer Rolf Beeler, we cannot help but think again that we live in the most beautiful city in Switzerland.

Where would you like to stay?

We hope that our new Lucerne pages (for example, “sleeping”) inspire you to want to visit this wonderful city. The pages contain tips on places you may not find in a travel guide. If you plan on visiting, please send us an e-mail or call us! We’re more than happy to give you tips that are tailored to your preferences and expectations. Perhaps, Lucerne will soon be one of your favorite destinations, too!