What does iit mean? – intelligence innovation technology!

What does iit mean? – intelligence innovation technology!
7 x 10 or 10 x 7 and always iit!
Happy birthday Ludwig – Lodovico !

Dear Ludwig,
We know you have a great passion for numbers and how they combine to symbolize their beauty and logic. The watches that you have created are based on your special ability to imbue time machines both small and large with their own special numeric codes.

It is your birthday on February 10, 2022. This is an auspicious date! The number 10 is closely linked to the decimal system, a precise manner to divide all potential numbers into 10. The number 7 is symbolic of so many things across numerous cultures, but can perhaps be best summed up in the number of days in the week which your « fourth child », the settimana, best exemplifies.

We thank you, Ludwig, for all the wonderful watches and special complications that you have created, especially when it comes to our little brand, ochs und junior. We wish you all the best, with limitless happiness and good health. And we look forward to your next « birthday gift » to the fans of ochs und junior, which will be conceived according to your motto: iit – intelligence innovation technology!