anno tinta [annual calendar]

Digits are for Advent calendars! When it comes to displaying time horizons, Ludwig Oechslin has a different idea. Coming in the early part of next year is the ochs und junior anno tinta.

It’s a watch with an annual calendar function: complete with date, weekday and months indications, it  uses no alphanumeric characters at all. This watch, like the selene tinta, is the epitome of radical Oechslin. Mechanically built like his prototypes and designed with an ultra-elegant solution in mind. As few parts as possible! Depending on how you count, this technical innovation requires just three new parts and two modified ones.

Like with every development, the core functions are driven by the date indication mechanism. The remaining indications, such as with the MIH watch, the Ulysse Nardin perpetual calendar and the selene Tinta, are directly linked to the hour pinion. This collar with its two fingers is pressed directly onto the pinion and rotates twice in 24 hours.

The impulses are then received by the main parts of the annual calendar. The weekday indication wheel with its teeth is on the left, the month indication wheel is top right. Five of the latter’s teeth are longer – these are for the 30-day months.
The little wheel between the two links them. The rhodanised elements will be made lighter for improved contrast.

In the tinta version of the annual calendar, the function’s components are incorporated directly into the the dial, which becomes an integral part of the function. In earlier days, there had been thoughts of doing the same with the deleted Delirium, and Swatch is still thinking about it. Other than that, no one else is working that way.
We’ll be making a couple of detailed changes to the part, and then proceeding with its production.

Colour-wise, as with all the tintas, anything goes! For CHF 8000, the purchaser will have what has got to be the world’s most personalised annual calendar watch featuring an exceptional mechanical innovation. It’ll be exactly the way the wearer wants it. Diameter-wise we’ll start with 42 mm, but a 39 mm will be forthcoming too…
Visit the ochs und junior website for details or email me at:
[email protected].

Merry calendar changes and a happy time horizon from Ludwig, Beat and the ochs team!