Thomas Oschwald’s watch


Bon voyage, Thomas! This is the ochs und junior selene Tinta that Thomas Oschwald is wearing on his epic journey, which started last Saturday. His very, very long trip is due to take him to the Atlantic and back…

His selene is the third we have built (Ludwig and I have been wearing ours since March) and his wearing it represents the final test for this amazing example of complex mathematics. Although the maths are advanced, the moonphase complication actually consists of just five components in the form of epicyclic (or planetary) gearing – and that includes the dial. This is the most accurate moonphase complication ever to be incorporated in a wristwatch.

Thomas will be reporting back to us every now and then on how he’s getting on with it, its readability and functionality – and of course its durability, faced with such a tough challenge…

The colors he chose for his selene Tinta are a navy-blue dial with orange indices. The strap, of course, is natural caoutchouc.

Every ochs und junior watch from the Tinta collection can be a different colour – something that’s unique in the world of watchmaking.

Ludwig’s advanced thinking, his design, no numerals or lettering, any colour you want!

The one on the left is the mese Tinta: it features the date spiral and is priced at CHF 6000.

The one on the right is the selene Tinta: it features the date spiral and the moonphase complication (the world’s most precise) and is priced at CHF 8000.

This is a due ore Tinta with a navy-blue (very dark) dial and white indices and time zone numerals. Perfect contrast for excellent legibility, even at night. Price: CHF 6000.

You can have any Pantone colour you want and combine it with 10 different index and hand colours.

Thomas is journeying to the Atlantic waves with one of these one-offs. The above picture shows him coping with a swell made by a motorboat on Lake Zurich last Sunday.

He set off this morning on the River Limmat at 06h41 GMT (local time in Switzerland 08h41)! He’s already passed through Zurich…

Everyone must watch Swiss Television this evening: Sportlounge / SF2 at 22h25!