moon phase

moon phase

3478.27 years of precision.
Dr. Ludwig Oechslin’s moon phase watch displays the moon phase, date, and time (interactive watch). The moon phase function is executed as a 5 part epicyclic gear system that will take 3,478.27 years before its calculation will be off by 1 day (learn more). The analogue date display is more readable than a digital display from the same distance, and unlike large digital displays, the date dot is not a distraction when checking the time.

Blue patina.
The moon phase watch above is moon phase blue patina, a new pure metal execution of Ludwig Oechslin’s moon phase watch. Its blue, blue-black and gray hues are not the result of added color. They come from a controlled chemical process for oxidizing brass, which ochs und junior developed specifically for its watch parts. The case, crown and buckle are machined out of solid blocks of sterling silver 925, a soft metal selected by Oechslin for the way it patinates through wear and records marks of life from its owner. For brilliant reflection of light, the full moon, sun at 12 o’clock, and date dot are executed in hammered platinum PT 950, while “the dark side of the moon” is hammered, dark patinated sterling silver 925. The hour hand, minute hand and excentric second dot are machined out of platinum PT950. ochs und junior plans to manufacture about 5 moon phase blue patina watches in 2016. A 42mm edition is also available.

Individually manufactured in Switzerland.
ochs und junior manufactures about 50 moon phase watches per year. The case, gear system, dial, buckle, and hands are individually-manufactured by Peter Cantieni in Hinwil, Switzerland, and each moon phase watch is hand-assembled and hand-regulated by Romana Fux at the ochs und junior workshop in Lucerne.

Open-ended customization.
You can determine the size, materials, colors and more for your personal moon phase watch. Beat Weinmann will collaborate directly with you on your design. You can test out ideas, communicate with Weinmann, and place your order using our customizer tool (online customizer).

Lifetime warranty.
A lifetime warranty covers all parts designed by Ludwig Oechslin (details). Your entire watch is covered by a 2 year guarantee. ochs und junior can offer uniquely fast and competent service due to its small scale and exclusively direct sales model. Beat Weinmann explains in detail (service thought post).

Exclusively Lucerne.
ochs und junior watches are exclusively sold directly from the ochs und junior workshop in Lucerne, Switzerland. You can browse the moon phase watches in Lucerne and have your order shipped worldwide via FedEx (online store). You can also make an appointment and visit us in Lucerne (the workshop). Online or in person, cofounder and CEO Beat Weinmann will guide you regarding your perfect ochs und junior (the purchase experience).

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