The ochs line day/night

Length of day and nighttime for a selected location, sunset, sunrise, solar noon, moon phase, sun and moon position in the sky, date, hour, and minute.

Case in Grade 5 titanium 40mm | Dial in dark blue, which changes to violet and eggplant color, markers in brass | Hour and minute hand in lightly-polished brass | Daytime in brass, nighttime in dark blue purple patina | Sun in hammered 24-karat yellow gold | Moon in hammered platinum PT950 | Date disk in dark blue purple patina, date in brass | Ulysse Nardin UN-320 | Dark blue (Enzian) Ecopell leather strap (in sizes S / M / L / XL) and leather pouch handmade by Sabina Brägger | Warranty two years | Shipping with DHL Express or FedEx priority | Non-customizable.

CHF 11'566.70 — Incl. 8.1% VAT.
CHF 10'700.00 — Export price.

Ready in 3 months