Setting your watch

Congratulations on your ochs und junior two time zones! With these instructions, you’ll be able to safely set the time and second time zone indications. Please contact us if you have any questions. We wish you fun in setting your new watch!

Step 1

Turn the crown counterclockwise to unlock it. A spring will push the crown out to position 0 when it has unlocked. Turn the crown clockwise approximately 30 times. Your watch has now reached its maximum power reserve of 38 hours. If you wear your watch regularly throughout the day, you will not need to wind it again as your movement of the wrist will automatically wind the watch.

Step 2

Pull the crown out once (position 1) and set the second time zone clockwise.

Step 3

Pull the crown out twice (position 2) to adjust the time.

Step 4

Re-lock the crown by twisting it clockwise while gently pushing it in. Please be careful not to apply too much force when doing so, as this might damage the thread, especially for cases made of sterling silver 925.